23 avril 2007

roadtrip to california

the roadtrip music!

the road

San Diego

hi guys it's been a long time but I'm back now!
like most of you know, I did a roadtrip from Little Rock to California. 6380 miles on the road! I crossed the 2/3 of the South West of the USA, roundtrip!!! desert, mountains, snow, hot sun, rain, dust storm, ocean, lonesome most of the time or with peoples, driving by day or by night, cold nights, warm days, tired, physical pain, but at the end, a priceless trip with a gift! a peaceful mind!
no words can explain how awesome it was!? could you imagine to spend 1 whole month a along the road to the west, staying for 1 or 2nights at a place and leaving again?
average, my trip was the following way:
first! accross Oklahoma and the North Texas (only boring landscape!) to New Mexico and Santa Fe! that not the easiest part but once in Santa Fe, no problem, my trip started for real.
then I went to Monument Valley where I woke up with the snow, and I played the "John Wayne" like I was a kid with an ennio morricone's music!

HPIM3754_011 HPIM3836_083

after, direction Utah, all the Nat'l parks! Arches, Canyonlands (Needles and Island in the Sky), Capitol Reef, Zion, Bryce Canyon. so many days hiking in those so beautiful places, priceless! alone, I had time to enjoy it and have peaceful moment.
The Grand Canyon, at last!

IMG_0184 IMG_0194

the funiest is that I went to see it 24h after I arrived at the place... I'm definitly not normal! I had the opportunity to sleep at his bottom campgroung, close to the colorado river (really cold). there I met two French living in Houston, really cool pair! the boy was boyscout like me, and his girlfriend was a geologist... a geologist in the Gd Canyon lol! Ali! don't make any mistakes, we didn't play with the stones, it's forbidden anyway! but we had a interesting explanation by a ranger.
leaving tired but cleaned thanks to the 5min shower time at the main campgroung, I went through the land to the Death Valley doing before the Historic 66

IMG_0260 IMG_0277

and Las Vegas (7! gimme a 7!.... "6" crap!). in three days I did the ride Gd Canyon - Death Valley - Lake Tahoe - San Francisco. I crossed the Golden Gate for the third time, driving this one. I stayed during two nights of fun at the Green Tortoise, again and again, meeting so many cool people from everywhere! and I left to go south by the Hwy 1 all along the coast to LA (LA? not a big deal I swear) but the road, it worth it! and finally San Diego, my best remembrance!

IMG_0423 IMG_0664  IMG_0672

I stayed 3 days of complete happiness and peaceful moments with wonderful people. I drank a real good black martini at the "Bitter end", I danced in an Irish pub with swing music! I went to la Jolla beach, where you can see some sea lions,  and to Pacific beach walking on the sand.... just take care to do not drop your jacket on the water.... sorry, I'm so sorry, that was my bad!. I'll never forget it! for me my trip stopped there, in a pub in the Gaslamp area, drinking some margaritas.
after that, I went back in 3 days, stopping 1 night at Tucson and another one at Carlsbad Cavern before to close this loop started 29 days ago!
fortunately I had my ipod, and depending the moment, I listened to some many kind of music.
Beach Boys at La Jolla Beach San Diego
Bob Seger - Turn the Page during the return from the west coast. well, "turn the page", not really ;)
obviously, the steppenwolf, red hot chili pepper, eagles, flogging molly, rolling stones, janis joplin, prince and a lot of more! don't worry everyone, I did a lot of picture. i'll show you them when we'll meet us... in France or wherever!

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