21 janvier 2007

Little Rock - arkansas - USA?!

ok, let's start my story here!
most of you are informed that I am in USA since a while! a 18-months practice as a mechanical engineer at Dassault Falcon Jet .... awesome!
actually, I'm in LittleRock, Arkansas... ok what is Arkansas for a frenchie? (it is the favorite question thatthe american ask me...! :D )
main impression after 7 months? well at the first contact, it's not really fun!I explain... I mean, you know?! I come from Paris, big city and I land in a little place with 180000 hab! bad? good? both of them! easy! depends what you like.
advantages: Most of the people are nice, smile, they are polite...amazing!!! a lot of forest, nice landscape, nature everywhere! Walmart open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. my condition, the possibility to have a nice house for nothing (payed by my company which takes 20% of my revenue LOL),the price of the gas, 3 times cheaper than in France. The postman can leave your parcel on the front of your door and no one gonna steal it. ... so nice people! it's my first remark. (BUT it's like everywhere, there is cool and nice people or dummies! so, I'll see. I'll be with the cool and I don't give a f*** for the jackass....)
inconvenients: you need a car! everything is far of everything! (bad public transport) and the food not really good (too sweet for me). you can't buy alcohol on the sunday, and you need 21 to go into a pub. internet expensive, 2 times more expensive here! another stuff, I don't like.... I'm not an English-speaker, and I try to speak or listen to as well as I can but unfortunately some people don't make effort to talk slowly.... (I'm pretty sure French does the same with foreign people!)
for the remainder it's quite the same... they have big trucks (thanks the pollution) that's all.
here, it's quiet for the night life: 2 club (only 2!!! no way?), few pub, and nothing outside the city ==> a lot of nature (but beaches and mountains are really far away!) I don't care, i'll do other things! when i arrived there had over frenchies there since several months, so I was not "alone", not a big deal, but at least, they can show me the place to be...Flying Saucer with the Draft beer at 2,5$ on the monday! Guinness at 2,5$ .....Jes' ...I love that place.
well that was the first month. moreover I had other things to think... like, find an apartment, furnitures, car, Social Security... so I was quite busy.... and After? mmmmh? with the rugby, and the soccer I had every week end something to do!
some of the other Frenchie are not my kind of people, so I prefered to be on my own way! I mean, it's better to be alone than with a bad company! furthermore, I didn't come to the US to be with French! sometimes, yes, but definitely not every day.... unfortunately, we are to many at DFJ (my company). I would prefer american friendship even if it's hard to have "friends" here... with time....

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